The Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q® supports people with a variety of disabilities through the qualified and professional training of assistance dogs and guide dogs. We continually aspire to the non-violent training of dogs in accordance to the highest standards, in order to give each and every client the best possible support for a high-quality, independent, secure and self-sufficient life.



It is the vision of the Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q® to be able to help every person with a disability.

To this end, we adhere to the following seven guiding principles:

Honesty We hold all our obligations to our clients, employees, volunteers and society at large in high regard. We always interact with our clients, employees and volunteers with openness and honesty, and whenever necessary explain possibilities, developments, risks and alternatives realistically.

Respect We meet every dog, client, employee and volunteer with honest respect. We value them as equal members of our organization, who play a role in achieving the mission of the Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q®.

Professionalism The client and the assistance dog are paramount for us. We are always eager to help them discretely, unproblematically and individually to the best of our capabilities.

Quality We are always eager to offer the highest quality with our work. We train assistance dogs and guide dogs to the highest standards and require that all interactions assistance dog trainers and employees have with clients and dogs are of the highest quality.

Support During the training, we look after our clients as best as we possibly can. After a dog has been successfully trained, we offer life-long support for any questions, problems or re-training, in order to guarantee the success of the assistance dog team.

Team spirit We work together with a positive attitude and combine our abilities, knowledge, strengths and talents in order to achieve our mission.

Sympathy We strive to understand the challenges and difficulties our clients face, so that we can improve their self-reliance, independence and security. All of our assistance dog trainers and employees are schooled in the various illnesses and disabilities. Several of our assistance dog trainers and employees have a disability and use an assistance dog, thereby having a deeper understanding of the requirements of an assistance dog.