Organization Profile


 International Assistance Dog Center  T.A.R.S.Q ® is the world's leading assistance dog organization for owner trained assistance dogs with the help of professional assistance dog trainer, founded by pioneers of diabetes alert dogs and PTSD service dogs.

Started in 2007 in Germany, and since then offering people with disabilities in locations across Europe a competent and qualified assistance dog trainer in their area.

Since 2018 the International Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q ® has locations in other countries, so that everyone can receive the help of an assistance dog. Whether through owner training accompanied by an assistance dog trainer or fully trained dogs, the right assistance dog can be found for everyone.

 International Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q ® follows the highest national and international standards when training our assistance dogs. In order to guarantee the high quality of the assistance dogs, all locations are lead, personally overseen, and monitored by a head assistance dog trainer.

The head assistance dog trainers follow a two year training course, during which they receive the knowledge of the best national and international assistance dog trainers.

All assistance dog trainers are schooled individually, and want to help people with limitations as best they possibly can. All trainers receive regular additional training and are always informed about national and international developments and innovations in assistance dog training.

The proven training concept for T.A.R.S.Q ® assistance dogs guarantees consistent and first-rate training of assistance dogs to the highest quality.

The International Assistance Dog Center Malta T.A.R.S.Q ® carries out regular research studies about assistance dogs and maintains contacts and partnerships with other well-known assistance dog organizations in order to further optimize assistance dog training.